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Sea Bowl Announcement

After 60 Years, Sea Bowl is Closing.


Attention Bowlers!

ALL LANES WILL BE CLOSED after 5PM for League Play from now through May of 2023 on these days:

  • Monday (Lanes closed after 5PM)
  • Tuesday (Lanes closed after 5PM)
  • Wednesday (Lanes closed after 5PM)


Bowling reservations must be made AT LEAST 48 hours in advance.

We do NOT take "day of" reservations.

Bowling Tips

Want to Improve Your Game?

We have put together a few resources to help you enhance your experience at the bowling alley.

Let's Bowl!

Quick Tip Videos

Sea Bowl's 4-Step Approach to Bowling

A quick and effective method to improve your throw.


Selecting a Ball

Choosing the right ball can make all the difference.


Lane Etiquette

Courteous bowling tips by Martha Stewart

Let's Bowl!

Three Steps To A Better Delivery

The key to bowling is your approach. Without a solid approach anything else you do will have limited effect.

Once you are familiar with the basic Four-Step approach (see the video above) you can start to work on polishing.

Try these three things as you practice your approach:

  1. Stay Steady
    During your approach try to stay stable. Keep your head and upper body firm and balanced. Keep your eyes fixed on the target all the way through your release.
  2. Feel The Swing
    As a beginner, many people have a natural tendency to "push" the ball down the lane. Practice "swinging" the ball. Visualize your arm as a pendulum with the ball attached to the end. Allow the ball to swing comfortably during your approach - don't lift, pull or push - just swing. When you get it right it should feel smooth and almost effortless.
  3. Keep It Straight
    Now that you are starting to feel the swing of the ball as you approach, you can start noticing the angle of your swing. A common mistake is to allow your arm to "arc" slightly during your swing. See if you can keep your arc straight in line with your target all the way through the approach.

It all seems so simple, but practicing these basic elements will make you a better and happier bowler.