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coronavirus Update

Attention Bowlers!

Holiday Alert! Sea Bowl will be closed on the 4th of July. Have a great holiday and stay safe.

Feb 2022, Covid Update

Masks are no longer be required at Sea Bowl.

Of course, mask usage is still encouraged for anyone who desires to do so.

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What We Have For You

There is something for everyone at Sea Bowl!

From bumper bowling for kids and bowling leagues, to special rates for teens, families and seniors you'll find great packages to suit your style, your group and your budget. Of course, all our packages include use of regulation balls and shoes.

Sea Bowl - 1958

A Bit Of History

Sea Bowl is proud to have served the community, in one form or another, for over 60 years.

The alleys, and Herman, first made their appearance in 1958. Later, when the alley changed ownership, it became Pacific Coast Lanes. Most recently the alleys were acquired by the current owner in 1996. At that time Sea Bowl underwent a complete remodel and the result is the COOL Retro Feel we see today with: 32 State-of-the-art Lanes, a Billiard Room, Arcade/Game Room and the Rockaway Bar & Grill. Awesome!

You can tell a lot of heart has gone into this place and that is reflected by our employees.


As the years have passed, Sea Bowl has grown, but the vision has always remained:

"We want everyone to have a place to go where they can simply relax and have fun."

Hey! Why not come on down today; there's a lane with your name on it.